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All Hazards Solution  
  • Multi-Agency Responder Check-in

  • Quick Volunteer Addition Capability

  • Complete Post Inciden Reporting

  • Responder Credentialling

  • GPS Zone Mapping Capability

  • Automatic Roster Updates and On-Scene Tag Identification.

  • NIMS Compliant

According to FEMA's National Response Framework, a Common Operating Picture (COP) is a "continuously updated overview of an incident compiled throughout an incident's life cycle from data shared between integrated systems for communication, information management, and intelligence and information sharing." The goal is to "provide emergency operations centers, incident commanders, and response personnel accurate and timely information concerning equipment distribution, location of personnel, onsite intelligence, and incident mapping when responding to and managing an incident."

OnSite ERT™ can play a crucial and unique role in developing an efficient and effective COP. In addition to providing critical accountability information to the on-scene commander, OnSite ERT's unique Central Database allows it to combine and deliver accountability and location data across multiple incidents to an off-site EOC, providing a real-time view of equipment and personnel deployment at all levels of government (Local, County, State, and Federal) and all disciplines (Fire, EMS, Police, volunteers, etc.), at regional and national levels.

OnSite ERT's Central Database supports real-time data sharing in many standard formats, allowing for integration and overlay onto 3rd-party EOC packages. Also, all scene information is automatically logged and time-stamped for the duration of the event, allowing future analysis including event replay activity/result comparison between departments, events and procedures.

When lives are at stake, save critical time, reduce risk and danger, and improve decision making with ONSite ERT™.

ERT Systems offers OnSite ERT in a range of configurations including sale or lease ( Click for Purchasing Options ), as well as grant-writing support and integration with 3rd-party systems.

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On-Scene Data Sent to EOC

GPS Zone & Personnel Location

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