Onsite ERT - Automatic Emergency Resource TrackingAutomatic Emergency Resource Tracking
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automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system  
  • Automatic Responder Check-in
  • Fast and easy deployment via wireless Drop Readers
  • Open architecture allows data sharing with other software and systems

  • Post Incident Reporting


Keeping track of personnel and critical equipment on-scene can literally mean the difference between life and death. The most organized commander can get distracted, even for a moment, and NIOSH Line-Of-Duty death reports alarmingly list "failure to maintain personnel accountability" as a contributing factor in a majority of their investigations.

OnSite ERT™ provides fully automatic
accountability and real-time tracking, without requiring any change in responder behavior. Using state-of-the art wireless sensors, rapidly deployable readers, and easy-to-use software with customizable zones and color coding, OnSite ERT gives the on-scene commander the critical information they need to manage the event, improving response effectiveness and the safety of both responders and the public.

Designed to support NFPA, NIMS, COPs and OSHA requirements, OnSite ERT™ collects, stores and reports critical data, accurately and completely, without any change in responder behavior.

When lives are at stake, save critical time, reduce risk and danger, and improve decision making with ONSite ERT™.

ERT Systems offers OnSite ERT in a range of configurations including sale or lease ( Click for Purchasing Options ), as well as grant-writing support and integration with 3rd-party systems.

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Customizable Zones and Color Coding

Detailed Post-Incident Reporting

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