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automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system

  NIMS Compliant Accountability System

NIMS Compliance is an absolute must for any department trying to get funding from the the federal government. Many of the components outlined in the NIMS handbook are addressed by using OnSite ERT. The six main components to NIMS are:

  1. Command & Management (Includes need for Multi-Agency Coordination Systems)
  2. Preparedness
  3. Resource Management
  4. Communications & Information Management
  5. Supporting Technologies
  6. On-going Management & Maintenance

Some of the key NIMS statements included within these components are:

  • "Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date picture of resource utilization is a critical component of domestic incident management".
  • "Effective information management enhances incident management and response and helps insure that crisis decision-making is better informed".
  • "Resource Tracking. Supervisors must record and report resource status changes as they occur".
  • "Technology and technological systems provide supporting capabilities essential to implementing and continuously refining NIMS. These include voice and data communication systems, information management systems, and data display systems. Also included are specialized technologies that facilitate ongoing operations and incident management activities in situations that call for unique technology-base capabilities".
  • Management Information Systems. Used to collect, update and process data; track resources; and display their readiness status. These tools enhance information flow and provide real-time data in a faced paced environment where different jurisdictions and functional agencies managing different aspects of the incident life cycle must coordinate their efforts. Examples include geographic information systems (GIS), resource tracking systems, transportation tracking systems, inventory management systems and reporting systems".

OnSite ERT uses radio tags to track and located personnel and equipment at the scene of an emergency. By utilizing OnSite ERT at the scene of these emergency incidents, a department can satisfy many of the NIMS Components. OnSite ERT address these components by:

  • Providing Command detailed information on who & what are on scene
  • The auto-detection capability of OnSite ERT is a preparedness measure.
  • OnSite ERT Tracks anyone and anything wearing a radio tag
  • Providing CRITICAL information to the Resource Manager and Incident Commander through wireless communication.
  • All of this technology significantly supports Incident Operations.

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