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automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system

  NFPA Compliant Accountability System

NFPA Compliance is a top priority for fire departments throughout the nation. However, with today's shrinking budgets and rosters, departments are being asked to do a lot more with a lot less. This can make it challenging for many fire departments to meet the Standards for which they strive.

ERT Systems understands the challenges faced by today's first responders and has created an accountability/resource tracking system, called OnSite ERT™, which can help departments meet many of the health and safety standards and requirements.

Running OnSite ERT™ on the scene of an incident or during training, a fire department can automatically meet many requirements included in NFPA 1500 (Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety & Health Program), NFPA 1561 (Standard on Emergency Services Incident Management System), and NFPA 1584 (Standard on Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations & Training Exercises). Some of the OnSite ERT™ Features and Benefit are as follows:

  • User Definable PAR Clock

    OnSite ERT™ notifies (reminds) Command Staff on a regular basis when crews are due for PAR's. The PAR is time stamped and is presented in a chronological, printed report.

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapter 8.1.5 as well as NFPA 1561 chapters 5.3.2 and which state:

    "IC shall be responsible for the overall safety of all members....I.C. shall maintain awareness of the location and function of all companies".

  • Color Coded Status Page & Zone Buttons

    OnSite ERT™ uses color coding for different Zones and Assignments that allow users to find personnel and equipment easily and quickly.

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapter 8.4.10 as well as NFPA 1561 chapters 4.5.5 and 4.5.14 which state:

    "The ESO shall develop the system components required to make the personnel accountability system effective". "This system shall also provide a process for the rapid accounting of all personnel at the incident scene".

  • Zone Assignment Tracking

    OnSite ERT™ will document and time stamp when a responder enters a specific zone on the fire grounds. The specific assignment(s) of the responder can be entered within each of these pre-defined zones.

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapters 8.1.8 (6), 8.1.8 (7) and 8.6.1 as well as NFPA 1561 chapters 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.5.3 which state:.

    "The system shall include a specific means to identify and keep track of personnel entering and leaving hazardous areas, such as confined spaces or areas where special protective equipment is required...".

  • Current Activity

    OnSite ERT™ allows the Accountability Officer to view every responder's history on-scene. Have they been in the Hot Zone too long? Have they been through Rehab?

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapters 8.1.8 (7), and 8.6.1 well as NFPA 1561 chapter 4.5.2, 4.5.5 4.6.2 which state:

    "Responder accountability shall be maintained and communicated within the incident management system when responders in any configuration are relocated at an incident".

  • Document Command Assignments

    OnSite ERT™ will document who the IC, as well as Safety Officer(s) Rehab Officer, Staging Officer, Operation Officer, RIT Officer, etc..

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapters 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 which state:

    "The IC shall establish an organization with sufficient supervisory personnel".

  • Incident Clock

    OnSite ERT™ includes a "time on-scene" Incident Clock that provides users with the current total amount of time on-scene. The clock flashes yellow every 10 minutes - at most departments this is not being done consistently by dispatch.

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapters 8.2.4 and which state:

    "The FD...shall start an incident clock". "The dispatch center shall notify the IC at every 10-minute increment..".

  • Searchable Personnel & Equipment Database

    OnSite ERT™ gives users the ability to search for responders with specific certifications. For example, any responders with Medic Certification or RIT certification. OnSite ERT™ also has the ability to search for needed equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras, PPV vent fans, etc..

    This feature meets the requirements in NFPA 1500 chapter 8.1.8(7) as well as NFPA 1561 chapters 4.5.1 and 4.8.5 which state:

    "The IC shall develop an effective incident organization by managing resources.." "The IC shall make assignments based on the availability, qualifications and expertise of individuals".

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