Onsite ERT - Automatic Emergency Resource TrackingAutomatic Emergency Resource Tracking
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Mutual-Aid System  
  • Auto Check-in for responders, vehicles, and equipment

  • Department identification
  • Automatic roster management.
  • Responder photos and credentials

Accountability at a single-alarm scene can be difficult enough, but it becomes a much bigger challenge when outside personnel and equipment are involved. Managing an event with mutual-aid and automatic-response partners brings a whole new level of confusion, and large scale disasters that bring in responders from more distant communities can lead to nothing short of
barely-controlled chaos.

OnSite ERT™ can be a critical tool in managing larger and regional events. Mutual aid and automatic response departments can share responder and equipment details automatically; new hires, shift changes, apparatus load-outs are always kept up-to-date and available when on scene. And OnSite ERT's Central Database keeps a copy of all wireless tag assignments, so any tag read in the field - whether it belongs to a nearby department or not - can be immediately associated with a photo and credentials.

OnSite ERT is also designed for expandability in the field: as the scene grows, responding departments have the option of deploying their system independently, or joining the existing
network under the first-on-scene's command. Accountability data can even be "exported", in real time, to a central EOC to keep remote command sites informed.

When lives are at stake, save critical time, reduce risk and danger, and improve decision making with ONSite ERT™.

ERT Systems offers OnSite ERT in a range of configurations including sale or lease ( Click for Purchasing Options ), as well as grant-writing support and integration with 3rd-party systems.

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Personnel Photo and Credentials

Department Information for Each Responder

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