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automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system   automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system
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  Mankato Fire Selects OnSite ERT Basic™ for Automatic On-Scene Accountability

Ann Arbor, MI (October 20, 2011)
– Every Incident Commander knows how difficult it can be to maintain accurate on-scene personnel accountability. How can you keep track of all your responders during the chaos of an emergency? Did someone just call a Mayday? Where are they, and has anyone gone in after them? What’s the cost of making even one small mistake?

To solve their on-scene accountability problems, the Mankato, MN Fire Department will be implementing OnSite ERT Basic™, the industry-leading automatic tracking technology from ERT Systems. ERT Basic will replace the departments’ former, less reliable manual system to track and manage personnel status and location during emergencies.

Purchased through authorized OnSite ERT distributor Municipal Emergency Services (MES), the department will put ERT Basic into service at emergency scenes beginning this fall. The product uses a combination of rugged ID tags, a single long-range tag reader, and Incident Command software to offer a clear, real-time view of the scene. The software allows the I.C. to easily track and manage personnel, equipment, assignments and locations, and the view is updated automatically as personnel and vehicles arrive and depart.

“ERT Basic is the easiest way for a department to manage on-scene accountability, hands down” said Brian McCabe, regional representative for MES. “These days, departments have to do more with less, so having an accurate, real-time headcount that doesn’t rely on radio traffic and manual recordkeeping is a huge help. With the added features of credential & equipment tracking, PAR alarms and more, ERT Basic is an outstanding tool for incident commanders.”

The brainchild of retired Fire Commander John Ellis and technology expert Dennis Carmichael, ERT Basic was designed specifically to meet the needs of firefighters, both for on-scene management and post-incident reporting. The product, a streamlined version of ERT System’s flagship OnSite ERT system, offers a combination of ease-of-use, accuracy, and reliability that is unique in the industry. It is especially beneficial in mutual-aid and combined-response events, and can ensure departments are in compliance with federal and local safety rules and regulations.

“As a Chief Officer, I know how it feels to lose track of a firefighter on scene,” Ellis said. “Our goal is to make sure that never happens. In the end, it’s all about safety, and with OnSite ERT, the Chief might be able to send someone home who wouldn’t have made it otherwise.”

 About OnSite ERT
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ERT Systems, LLC offers the OnSite ERT line of automatic firefighter accountability and tracking systems, and ERT Central™, an on-line database for sharing information in real time between active scenes, mutual-aid partners, and off-site Emergency Operations Centers. OnSite ERT is on the DHS Authorized Equipment List and is approved for grant purchase. For more information, visit www.OnSiteERT.com or call (800) 786-1387.


Media Contact::John Ellis, ERT Systems, 586-630-9008 orr John@onsiteert.comm

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