Onsite ERT - Automatic Emergency Resource TrackingAutomatic Emergency Resource Tracking
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automatic emergency resource tracking and accountability system  

Both OnSite products are easy to use and can help a fire department with NFPA and NIMS Compliance issues. The feature chart below can help your department decide which product would best suit its current needs.

Of course, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us for more information.

OnSite ERT
Automatic Check In
Customizable Data Fields
Manual Assignment Designation
Manual Location Designation
Running Incident Clock
Credential Management
Basic Post Incident Reporting
Search Capability
Expandable for Regional Response
On-Scene Note Recording
Optional Audible Alarms
Administrative Security
Equipment Management  
Mutual-Aid Management  
Real-time On-Scene History of Personnel  
Real-time Automatic Zone-based Tracking  
Filter by Shift or Company  
Detailed Post Incident Reporting  
Real-time Data Feed to Off-site EOC  
Integrated Web Browser  
Set Personnel On/Off Duty  
No Read Alarm  
Time In Zone Clock  


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